Sew what else is new?

Frankly, everyone on the Yahoo groups for sewing always spell “so” as “sew” which is one reason why I never spell it that way.  It just seemed appropriate this time.

I told Brian that I tend to apply my natural work ethic and, when choosing between client sewing and my sewing, want to get the client sewing finished first.  To that end, while I need to make some nursing tops for my sewing student, I need to fit the pattern to her before I can begin those projects but, I have my new client’s alterations to work on in the interim.  I spent 2 hours yesterday and 5 hours today sewing for the client and, as I recall, I’ve got about 8 pairs of pants taken in and shortened up.  I’ve got three more pants and two skirts to go– probably another five hours but we’ll see.

I did do a little rearranging of some “tiles” of fabric for wall hangings that I’m making in the evening but, stopped that to string some beads for the wall hangings with more details and embellishments to come.