Exciting Stuff!!

An earthquake on the EAST COAST!!!  That was fun except for the few seconds when I was thinking “Wow, that feels like an earthquake” and then, stood up to cross the room and get in the doorway because I realized it WAS an earthquake.  Poor Lexi– ran barking from my office and on down the stairs.  Pretty much stayed by my side for the rest of the afternoon, curiously.

After work, I rode my recumbent, fed and walked Lexi and then went downstairs to sew.  I had a few things to finish on the quilt guild quilt but I got distracted because Brian wanted some help with a shadow box for the guest room.  He finished that up and I started work on my quilt.

I just finished that quilt 16 minutes ago.  It has been a long day but, after washing/drying it tomorrow during the day, I’ll be able to return it to the guild and have them ooh and aah over the lovely design– pictures forthcoming, remember?