Pictures Forthcoming . . .

On Saturday, I pieced about 40 blocks and was trimming them down while I ran out a quilt design.  I was trimming the blocks because I put them together wrong (but who is really going to know that?) and trimmed the wrong bits from 9×9″ to 8×8″ and still, who will know but me?

Anyway, the quilt machine (Angel, the Fusion) stopped running.  I went in to check on her and sure enough, she was stopped.  There was an error message on the screen about the motors being disconnected from the computer and thus, it wasn’t moving anywhere.

Admittedly, I didn’t get it.  I hit the “OK” button and hoped it would start up.  Nope, not going anywhere.  <Sigh>  I couldn’t save the design either <Double-Sigh> so I turned everything off hoping that it would reboot and run properly.  Nope.  ARGH!!!!!!!!!

Oh, how I did NOT want to have to wait until Monday to call Tech Support!

Brian and I talked about the problems on Saturday evening and he said that I should try again Sunday (Duh!!  Try to keep me away from that machine!!) and he would come look if there were still problems.  After church, I went downstairs and set it all up again (remember I had to re-enter the design because it wouldn’t let me save it), and, no joy, it still wouldn’t let me get past the “base” screen, without letting me into the ProStitcher side of the world.  <Sigh–Here we go again!>

I called Brian to come downstairs and he looked the machine over and lo and behold, there was a cord unplugged!!  An obscure plug under the machine and once he re-plugged everything in, the computer started up without a problem!!  YAYYY!!!!  (My Hero!!!)

So I had to rerun the design to meet in the middle of the second row where it had stopped.  Smarty-Me says “Okay, I just won’t run any thread in it!”  Guess what?  The machine is smarter than me and says, “Whoops, no thread here– we aren’t moving any more!”  <Sigh>  Luckily I have some monofilament thread but it is “regular” monofilament thread and guess what?  After I retrace the first half of the second row and finish the rest of the quilt, I’m going to have to tear out all of the monofilament.  Lovely!

Today, I’m ordering a cone or two of the water soluble monofilament– no more ripping out for me!  I’ll only have to wash the quilt (which I do anyway) and it will be gone!!  Why didn’t I have any around to begin with?!?!?

Brian’s going to help me with pictures on the three quilts that I’ve worked on the past few weeks– as soon as it stays light enough for pictures (either inside or outside).  Every time I think of it, it is either dark from a storm or dark because it’s night time!