13th? No, it’s the 23rd!!

I don’t know why but I keep trying to tell my friend, Pat, that her birthday isn’t the 13th of September but the 23rd.  Every year, she insists on celebrating her birthday on the 13th.  Every year, I celebrate her birthday on the 23rd.  <Sigh>

I know for a fact that my not getting the date right started after we moved from California.  When we were in California, we would often go to dinner with Pat and her partner, Nathan, to celebrate her birthday so we’d always go out around the 13th.

Maybe in the last year that we were in California we celebrated her birthday somewhere around the 23rd and therefore, that’s the date that’s always stuck with me?   I’ll use that for my excuse, once again but . . .

Happy Birthday, my dear friend– the miles may separate us but we’re always close in our hearts.