Vertigo? Schmertigo!!

Monday I had to have continued testing to verify the Vertigo diagnosis.  First I was tested in my hearing but that’s remained about the same– 30% ability to hear anything in my right ear or a 70% loss, depending on whether your glass is half full or half empty.

Then we went on to the Electronystagmogram (ENG) testing.  Lovely.  Really.

In addition to some exercises involving a light bar and laying down, there is the inducement of 4 separate and distinct episodes of Vertigo.  Lovely.  Really.  I flunked miserably, of course (I do have Vertigo, we know), and managed to not be functional for the rest of the day.  I called in sick, took my Antivert and promptly checked out for the day.

I kept thinking: “I’ll go downstairs and sew in a minute.”  Thankfully, I never got around to that minute– my concentration and functionality was pretty much wrecked for the rest of the day.