So much for that!

I don’t know if it was continued post-episode Vertigo symptoms or what but I had some very flu-like symptoms, including sleeping for about a half hour after work, with no problem falling asleep last night.  Kinda puts a crimp in my sewing time, ya know?

I finished reading “A Place of Execution” by Val McDermid which is about a 12 year old book based on a murder in the early 60s.  Coincidentally, I found out that there was a BBC production of a Masterpiece Classic of the book and I found it on Netflix.  Due to the not feeling well bit, I watched that and, as usual, the book is much better.  There’s a second episode that I’ll watch at some point but I already don’t like it as much as the book because there’s a different twist that isn’t as believable in the movie as in the book.