Traveling again . . .

I went to Michigan this past weekend– I flew out on Friday and back on Monday evening.  I saw my step-daughter from my last marriage and her family, including her 9 month old son.  Beautiful family and wonderful time spent catching up on 14 years!

We went to my sister’s house on Sunday afternoon where we were joined by all of my Michigan-based siblings for a lot of laughter and talk and some sandwiches and salads.  Kortney and her husband, Oliver, and the baby, Aiden, left at about 7:30 or so but I stayed overnight and spent time with Karen and Sue (my sisters) on Monday.  That was nice, too!

I flew home and Brian picked me up at the airport.  Lexi stayed at home but was glad to see me when we got there.

Pictures will be forthcoming but right now, the camera isn’t hooked up to the dock for downloading.