Did I mention?

I’m off this week– no, it’s not “vacation” in the truest sense of the word and that’s about all I can say.

Monday, as you already know, was spent in Michigan and Tuesday was spent running around with MANY errands that needed to be done.  Vestibular Rehabilitation appointment (which, other than making me dizzy, I’m not sure that it is succeeding) and an appointment with my wrist doctor for a cortizone shot.  He had suggested excision of the ganglion cyst but, since I’ll need that wrist to be fully operational in a couple of months when I go for my knee replacement surgery (Yes, it is the “IN” surgery this year!), we decided we’d wait until April or so of 2012.  Works for me!

Today, I’m home all day– YAYYY!!!  I’ve got to finish refolding/sorting through my fabrics and then I get to start some sewing.  A neighbor has asked me to make a quilt for her son for Christmas– I’d best get started on that soon!

Later a friend from church will be coming over to quilt some charity quilts that were sewn together over the weekend– that should also be lots of fun!  Fellowship and laughter is a good thing on a Wednesday!

Nope, pictures didn’t get downloaded yesterday but hope springs eternal!