I’m hooked! I never watched this series when it was on television but, on Netflix streaming, I’m hooked! The good news is that I would’ve gone insane watching it from week to week and then May to September– I am currently watching at least three episodes a day (Breakfast, Lunch, and after Dinner and sewing) but, if I could, I’d watch more. The good news is that I really want to do things on my New Toy and on my other toys, too, so I don’t watch it constantly. I had no idea there were 8 seasons of this stuff!

Today, I ordered fabric to make my new embroidered quilts with in a few weeks. They are gorgeous!  I can’t wait to get started cuz with my new machine, I can thread it and walk away– it runs on its own and I can quilt or sew all I want while it runs out! WONDERFUL!!