How many years have you heard me complain about these beasts? Worse yet, the End-o-Quarter buggers? Yeah, I know– still today, all things considered, went really well. My current workload, after sending out notices, emails, and sundry requests, is requiring that others get back to me so my day was fairly light by comparison to other Ends-o-Month. I was exceedingly pleased, needless to say.

Tomorrow is training on the new machine and then, 3 days (less church and Quilter’s Bible Study on Sunday) of sewing, embroidering, and quilting. I can hardly wait!!

My camera is downstairs, in the sewing area, taking pictures of things for the website. I’ll get finished with that this weekend, too, I hope! There’s going to be a lot of stuff available, particularly in the knitting category for the first few months. The stock will, of course, grow but it takes awhile to get there.