Spitz and Spurtz??

Yes, well, that’s what it can be like on a three-day weekend!

So Saturday morning went really well! Since I already know a bit about embroidering on things, after years of working on my Designer 1s, learning the particulars of this machine was a breeze. Not sure how much I’ll remember but at least I know where to look for things, which is a help at all times.

Sunday was spent in church and, although there was a Quilter’s Bible Study scheduled, only myself and one other person were there so we decided to go shopping for fabric instead. (There were supposed to be four people but the other two were sick.) Fabric shopping with friends is always fun– Linda and I had a lot of good laughs and caught up on things in general (we hadn’t spent any time together since early July!).

Today started far too early thanks to Brian having to go to work (federal holidays are the best time to do server-changing maintenance– or whatever he did!) so I got out of bed, ate breakfast and began the biggest task of the weekend: cleaning my office. I hadn’t sorted through things in a long time and had done no official cleaning since some time in June or so. Yikes what a mess! After 2-1/2 hours though, I had a handle on it and am actually about 90% finished. I can finish the balance of it during the week while I’m working so I’m good with that.

Just as I finished working on that, one of my other friends, Linda Rose called to say she wanted to quilt a quilt that she had made so she and I went downstairs to work on the Fusion. Lots of laughs, again, and we got about half through the quilt and I finished piecing some quilt blocks I was working on for QBS, too.

All in all, I had a productive weekend, needless to say! It should be an interesting few months, don’t you think?