What time is it?

Okay, so by now, you’re used to me not posting on a month-end, quarter-end night, right? I hope so!! In addition to working a little late last night, my computer stayed up all night because I was waiting on someone to get back to me about something (and they still haven’t gotten back to me!) and because I’d submitted some things for review/signature so I was hoping (foolishly) to get them back either last night or early today. No such luck– so far!

After that, I raced through a shower and out to the quilt guild meeting that I haven’t been able to go to for like two months! I’m not always interested in the things that are discussed but it is always nice to see other people’s work.

THEN, I came home and collapsed and went to bed.

A year or so ago, Brian told me that Isaac Asimov had written a “Black Widowers” series of short stories. I’m reading the last of the series now (I keep forgetting to ask Brian if he has the other books!) and I am enjoying it! The Foreword, written by someone who doesn’t like to use words with less than 4 syllables, wasn’t terribly interesting and came close to turning me off the book but, I am enjoying the stories. Especially, “Henry”, with his smug intelligence that wealthier men don’t seem to have enough of with all of their money.