As for me . . .

Obviously, I’m still looking for a job.  I send out at least five resumes a week in response to legitimate job ads probably countless others that are not real. Hiring managers are on holiday between now and January– between the Jewish and Christian holidays, nobody’s working which means that nobody is hiring!

I did receive a new resume from the new resume writer and I love it.  He did up-sell the federal contracting experience more than I actually have so I’ve deleted that but otherwise, it is great.  He also gave me a cover letter to use when applying for jobs so that will also help– I hate, hate, HATE writing cover letters.

Of course, other than that, I’ve been sewing.  In fact, I just completed the quilt top of a “Red Hat Quilt” and have run embroidery designs for an additional quilt and some small wall-hangings.  I love Red Hat stuff and I know others that do, as well.  I’ve got two quilts ready to quilt and finished up (FINALLY) the sunflower quilt.  The sunflower quilt pattern and fabrics were bought approximately ten years ago– Brian and I bought them all together (the fabrics and pattern) so it is OUR QUILT.  I actually finished piecing it two years ago and yesterday, finished sewing down the binding.  It is gorgeous and yes, you’ll get pictures, maybe even later this weekend.