Catching You Up

Well, let’s see– Friday, I broke the Fusion and had to take it to the dealer to get it fixed. Not to worry– I did yesterday (with the help of my husband, Brian to get it into the car and my friend, Linda Rose to get it out of the car) and before I got home, the dealer had fixed it and called to let me know that. The only problem is that he says it makes a noise that it isn’t supposed to make so he’s going to check that out on Monday. Okey-Dokey!

I have a phone interview set up for Tuesday and am looking forward to it. I may have to commute to the location but it is only about 7 miles away from home so I can cope with that. I’ve also got a second phone interview in the offing from a company located in Virginia; if they go for the concept of telecommuting, that would be good.

Then, I have two letters from the Maryland unemployment people for two different meetings with two different people in two different cities on the same day. Doesn’t seem very economical to me to go to both so, since I have a couple of weeks to get this straightened out, I will call on Monday to see what’s what and which one I really need to make. They appear to be both the same type of content so I doubt that I actually have to make both meetings.

Last night, Brian and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate his graduating from college. YAYYY, B!! I gave him a wooden pen because it was pretty. I think its made of sheoak but I have to check with the friend whom I bought it from because now I’m not remembering what they said the wood was. It is “pretty”, by female standards, with a red tint to it, lightening as it moves up the shaft of the pen.

Anyway, I’m off to church today and then, back for sewing. Have a good one!