More of the same

I figure it’s better not to belabor the fact that I’m looking for a job and, when not doing so, I’m sewing/quilting/knitting, etc. That would be the “Duh Factor” from where I sit. I am actually spending almost as much time looking for a job as I did 4-1/2 years ago but the problem is that there aren’t as many jobs out there.

I have emails set up from all of the major job boards that say to let me know when job postings for “Contracts Manager” that telecommute open up. As a result, I get to have emails from every one of those job boards letting me know when EVERY “Manager” position opens up whether it is telecommuting or not. Obviously, I have to refine that search but, in some cases, that isn’t possible so I just set them to not send me emails and set about searching on my own through their listings.

I have a “transition concierge” helping to locate a job. They’ve asked what I’m looking for and I told them, contracts manager in a telecommute situation. So far, they’ve sent me a job that is a contract (temp to perm hire) for a channels manager. No, that’s right– it isn’t even remotely a close match.

They’ve also got someone re-writing my resume for me. Yes, well, that’s a work of fiction now, isn’t it? I’m supposed to have authored some papers according to what’s been written for me. Huh? Don’t you think I’d be a little more notable if I’d authored papers of any sort for an employer? I can’t wait to see what this guy does for a cover letter!

The agent that is working with me called yesterday and asked why I won’t talk with the guy that’s writing my resume. I replied that it wasn’t that I won’t talk with him but why would I talk with him before he provides a draft– what are we going to talk about? If he has questions about what I do, shouldn’t he ask me? I don’t know what he doesn’t know!

Well, after receiving that draft, we now know what he doesn’t know about what I do and we have somewhere to start with getting him to understand what I do. The only thing is that I’ve already been unemployed for nearly three weeks and I’ve only received the first draft!! I asked for a meeting today after receiving the resume on Wednesday and was told that he could talk with me next Tuesday.

Needless to say, I’m not waiting on him to apply for jobs.