Okay, so it helps, huh?

I suppose it would make a difference if I actually post, eh? Well, let’s see . . . the weekend was sewing at my friend, Linda’s, house. Then ripping apart everything I sewed– apparently I am not capable of talking, laughing, and sewing at the same time! Then more of the same on Sunday.

Monday started the “work week” which these entails looking for a full time job. So, with the market so . . . lacking these days, I was downstairs and sewing/quilting by 1pm. Actually, I was quilting first, working on a quilt that I call “Black Beauty Bouquet”. The quilting on it is gorgeous! I can’t wait for it to be finished!!

I was up earlier than usual today and, unfortunately, have already gone through all of the potential job leads that I could find. I did apply for one which is good.

The State of Maryland called me yesterday to talk about my severance package . . . their quote? “They can’t do that . . .” well, they think that they can so who knows how it’ll actually come out.