Better News!!

The news out of California is great!  In case I haven’t mentioned it, Hollywood is not accurate when it comes to coma patients’ reintroduction into the conscious world.  My sister, Sue, and other coma patients, wake up confused and requiring a lot of therapies (physical, occupational, and speech) to relearn some things that their bodies forgot while they were in the coma.

Sue is doing great however and things are coming along.  We had set up a call for 5pm PDT but she called me at 4:45– I’d like to think early because she was as eager to talk with me as I was to talk with her!  It was soooo great to hear her voice!  She sounded tired but that makes sense after the kind of week she’s had– transitioning from hospital to rehab center and then tons of PT, OT and ST!  It was just so great to talk with her!  I missed her so much!!