Busy Weekend!

Starting on Friday, I’ve been involved with my quilt guild’s (Southern Comforters) quilt show.  On Friday night, I helped check-in the registered quilts so that they were all organized and accounted for to be put into the show.  When that was finished, I helped pin on the description cards and then, I was just tired so I went home, unfortunately, before everything was set up.

Saturday morning, we took Lexi for her annual physical (which she passed with flying colors!) and then I showered and went back to the quilt show.  We didn’t have enough volunteers sign up to cover all of the stations so I said I’d go and they could put me where I was needed.  I had a lot of fun and was home by 4:30– again, tired but happy cuz it was a LOT of fun!

Sunday, after grocery shopping with Brian, I went back to the show and again, filled in where I was needed and eventually, served where I had signed up to work.  Again, lots of fun and lots of chattering and laughing along the way.  Brian came to the show and I introduced him to several of the women– of course, I missed a few but that was bound to happen.

I didn’t win any ribbons but I sure had a good time and again, got to know people more.  Its hard to know people in a 90 minute meeting twice a month so I’m glad I had the opportunity to do the volunteer work and chatter with people a bit.