Been a little . . .

. . . down (I think that’s the word) lately.  I’ve been looking for a job for nearly five months.  I’ve had nibbles and I’ve had a few more nibbles but, unlike fishing, I don’t seem to land anything.

I’m not asking for the moon.  I’d be willing to not telecommute but I don’t want a heinous drive in the morning (i.e., anywhere in DC and Virginia, or the 270 corridor to Gaithersburg).  That leaves a lot of area that I could be working in but I can’t find anything.

It doesn’t help that the term “Contracts Manager” now includes people who work for health insurance companies and negotiate payments to providers.  ARGH!!!  (Without talking with my husband) I’ve mentally thought/agreed to taking a pay cut to get a job.

So that’s two things I’ve given up: Telecommuting and Money.

The good news is that I am still making stuff for my website Marcia’s Makings and the quilting long arm is set up in the library (to enable it to be a 12′ table) so that I can quilt for others, rent out the long arm, or quilt for myself while feeling less claustrophobic.  I’ve had brochures made up and distributed to quilt shops in the area to “get my name out there”.

Tomorrow I’m working a craft/yard sale and hopefully, I’ll sell a bunch of stuff so I can take my hubby to dinner tomorrow night.  Hopefully . . .