My Weekend

Having risen prior to O Dark Thirty on Saturday to get to the craft/yard sale, I spent an hour unsuccessfully trying to set up the canopy by myself.  The promised “muscle” had never set up a canopy before either and, they were busy helping the yard sale people.  Now, the yard sale was for my church and that was the focus of the day so I don’t have a problem with that.  However, had I known that no one would be able to help me, I would’ve asked Brian to come with me to set up the canopy.  Then he could’ve gone home and one of us could’ve been warm.

As it was, I was set up with my quilts laying hap-hazardly out on a long conference table, scarves and tea towels on two similarly arranged tables.  Not sufficient, needless to say.

I made some good contacts though and found out about a craft fair that will be happening in a couple of weeks.  I may work that one, depending on what needs to be done to get it set up before then.

Sunday was church and then out to lunch with friends.  When I got home, Brian was cleaning and rearranging the living room so I got busy on the library/quilting room.  Brian finished the living room at about 5:45 and, for some reason, knocked off for the rest of the day!  Hmm, lazy!!