Just like Brian!!

I know– I’m terrible but, between nothing being new around here and with being busy, it is hard to figure out what to write about in the blog.

So let’s see . . . Monday I worked on stuff and looked for a job.  Tuesday, I worked on more stuff and looked for a job.  Wednesday I had an interview– HAH!  Fooled ya– something new and different happened!!  I also sewed and worked on stuff.  Thursday I went out and did some shopping for “basics” of quilting fabrics and then came home, washed that fabric, and sewed/worked on stuff.  Friday more of the same but I also readied the house and myself for a “party”, similar to Tupperware parties of old, that I had scheduled for Saturday.

A friend at my guild is repping “My Lazy Daisy” which is a fabric line, obviously (or not) for quilters.  I had several ladies from my guild over along with inviting my friend, Linda Rose, and a few other neighbors and friends over to enjoy the food, fun and fabric.  We had a good time and enjoyed looking and touching the fabric– that’s always fun!  Then on Saturday night I went to a 50th birthday party for Linda Rose’s husband.

Sunday morning found Lexi and me wondering WHEN Daddy would be home– not soon enough as far as we were concerned.  Yes, he was gone since Thursday and she and I cuddled a lot but I am just not her Daddy (and we’re all glad).  She has pretty much been inseparable from him since he’s been home and it is quite cute.

So that was my week.  Tons-o-fun, eh?  We’re going to have another sale of “Marcia’s Makings” next Sunday in front of the house here so we’ll see how that goes.