I’m pretty sure that this doesn’t even qualify as “interspersed”.  I’m pretty sure that this qualifies as start-n-stop but that’s because I either don’t have anything to say or I don’t think that I have anything important enough to say.  Yeah, no, that has nothing to do with self-esteem but having SO MUCH FREE TIME on my hands.

I’m fast approaching a year of unemployment.  I’ve never been unemployed this long.  I’ve been looking and looking but to no avail.  Everyone else either gets there before me or has something that I don’t have that makes them more appealing.  I think the number of years that I’ve been negotiating is a detriment– whether I like it or not, it is a dead giveaway that I’m not a spring chicken, no matter how available I am.

So I work a part-time job that I can now not give up no matter how bad my arthritis hurts at my hips and right knee.  If I do, it could be considered “quitting” and then my unemployment benefits go away.  This is not a good thing as we are still not independently wealthy from the lottery– Honey, did you buy those tickets?  (I didn’t think so!)

So I look for a real job, try to think of things I can do that will make money for a job (I don’t need benefits).  Not successful so far but I’m still working on it.