If you’re reading this post . . .

. . . then you are a true follower and I thank you.

I’ve decided that I’m going to use this as a place where I can type up the most mundane of thoughts and know that they are really being written into a diary because I’m 99% sure that all of my readership has died off.  If not, so much the better.

So I tried to go to an “organized” Bible study but it didn’t suit me.  There were three parts to it:  1) lecture 2) questions/discussion and 3) Text that “explained” the previous week’s discussion.  Yeah, it was that last bit that kinda ticked me off.  The lecture and the questions and discussion were about one thing but the notes for that discussion were not given to us until the next week.

I loved the discussion with the other folks in the group– that was my favorite part!  I could live without the lecture although the lecturer was very good.  So out of the three parts, I really liked ONE and for this, I needed to drive 20 miles ONE WAY to enjoy.  Hmm, uh, NO!

So I’m not going to that anymore.

Now my Thursdays are free to a point.  I’m getting more involved at my church– helping with different ministries because that will make me useful (or at least, feel useful) and have me be a good witness in the ministry for God.

There’s a prayer shawl ministry that will fall by the way-side in a few months. The woman who is currently running it is moving to North Carolina.  Well, between my knitting and my quilting, I am pretty sure that I can handle that one.  I’m also going to be helping with the “Dating” discussion in the youth group during March.  Heaven knows I can teach them how not to choose the wrong guy to date!  (I am good at “Wrong Guy Picking” but I’m also good at “Good Guy Picking with One Exception”.)

I’m going to help the girls understand that they can and MUST ask questions– know, know, KNOW your prospective husband and yes, even the guy that they’re going to “casually date” before they get started because you don’t know where its going to lead.

I love my husband– he is a wonderful man that would give the shirt off his back (literally) for someone else but he isn’t a Christian.  (God and I are still working on that so keep my husband in your prayers.)

I’m also working with Community Quilts in my quilt guild.  The Guild doesn’t support them very much so if you’re reading this and would like to assist, please contact Southern Comforters Quilt Guild for your donation; please make sure to label it for “Community Quilts”.  One day a week, I go and sew quilts together and take home quilts for quilting on my long arm– Its faster for me to quilt them than to have them quilt them by machine. The woman who has to “give up the quilting” isn’t sure about me yet but, I’ll keep trying.

So I need to read my Bible more independently.  I’ve slacked off on that since being laid off– it was a more firm part of my routine when I was working than it is now.  That’s not good and I enjoyed it so I’m going back to it.  I’m in the Psalms, reading my way through the Old Testament.  I’m also reading a devotional called “Streams in the Desert” and I like that, too.  Its interesting because one of the women in my Bible study at church is also reading it and we talk about something that strikes us during the Bible study or before church.  I like that.

I’ve got physical therapy stuff I’m doing just to strengthen my legs and, of course, there’s exercise on my recumbent.  Mostly I’m trying to get healthy (who isn’t after the first of the year?) but I’m on medication that makes me gain weight so I have to fight it.

Guess that about catches you up– see ya when I see ya!