New Word Press User?

I am suddenly receiving notices about a “New User Registration” from Word Press.  I think that means that people want to comment on my blog but no one is commenting.  Hmm, there is something humorous here:

When I first looked for a domain name, I chose DutchGirl because I had a “production company” called Dutch Girl Productions; I wrote plays and that’s where I “published” them from.  .Com was taken so I went to .Net but I did a net search first and “Dutch Girl” in Yahoo or Google (wherever I searched for it), turned up some rather seedy replies for websites about “Dutch Girls”.  These “Dutch Girls” are NOT, I repeat _*NOT*_ me.

I, on the other hand, am a happily married quilter/machine embroider Christian who goes to church and is looking for a job (YET) as a contract negotiator (hopefully) or a secretary as an alternative.

Moving on . . .

So I’m starting to teach quilting classes.  I’ve got 1 currently at Tomorrow’s Treasures and I’ve got 3 on the schedule at Springwater Designs.  The one at TT is this weekend and next– I’m excited.  It sounds like its going to be fun because the ladies that are signed up sound cool– I’m excited (whoops, I said that!)

Worked at Tomorrow’s Treasures store today– I hadn’t been there for a month but I enjoy it and, because I’ve been exercising, I’m not hurting as much as I was before (hips and knees are a problem) so that is proof-positive as to why I should keep that going.