Back at it . . .

My dog, the adorable Lexi (see picture below), let me sleep until I woke up today which was 9:14am.


Yesterday was a work day for me and working the floor in retail is hard on this old body.  I had woken up at 5am and thought that was it as my mind filled and jumbled around thoughts of purses.  I don’t like the hand-made purse that I used yesterday.  What stayed in was completely lost in the pit that was the bag– did NOT like it at all.  So, I have to change to another purse and which one shall I use?  I’ll figure it out.

In the interim, I _*MUST*_ go do my exercises and then I will go play on the quilting frame.

I have 5 quilts to quilt before Saturday– that’s the deadline that I’ve given myself.  In the interim, I have doctor appointments and Community Quilts to do as well.  I think I’ll make it– I’ll let you know.