Wonderful Weekend

I’m teaching a quilt class at The Local Quilt Shop (well, the one most local to me– there are others but we’ll talk about those later) and spent most of my day doing that on Saturday.  I also helped out on the floor since one of the girls had to leave; her uncle died and she was very upset by that, needless to say.  I was out in time to have a light dinner and go with Brian to see our friends, Linda Rose Payne and Mary Payne Omohundro (I think I spelled her last name right!) perform.

If you’ll recall, I met Linda Rose more than 10 years ago when I was working part-time at the Viking (sewing machines) store in Columbia.  She and I hit it off and through thick and thin (both of us), we’ve hung in there and been each others support over the years.  We haven’t seen her sing, in person, for probably 5 years or so (or at least, that’s the best we can remember and we tried to remember Saturday night!); she is FABULOUS!!  Linda Rose has such an expressive face and is spectacular at bringing you INTO the song with her– loved her performance, needless to say!

Mind you, Mary, her sister isn’t chopped liver– Mary’s voice is just as beautiful but of a different quality and octave as Linda Rose’s.  Mary can belt out Broadway or wend your way through your heart with her tones and singing.  Barbara, Mary’s high-school-aged daughter, made a cameo appearance and at 17, you gotta know that girl is going to go places!  Man, she’s fabulous and has a very bright future ahead!!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the show– the drive was nearly an hour each way but Brian made it without any visible signs of stress. More than I can say for me– I hate driving here!  (That’s another topic for another time.)