Big Gap Again

Sorry about that– I guess I’ve been busier than expected and lost track of whatever was happening here.

So what’s been happening here . . . snow . . . snow . . . and, yes, more snow.  Lovely.  Okay, I’m done now.  If this were Michigan 30 years ago, I’d move again but this is Maryland, I’m married and have to stay here.  I guess I should be grateful it isn’t Michigan, right?  It would be worse there, that’s for sure!

Last week’s agenda was fairly blank which meant there was a lot of time for quilting.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have all of the t-shirts for the next t-shirt quilt (until now, one 2/12 I received them from the customer) so I sewed on other things, none of which were memorable enough to recall at this time (apparently since I can’t remember them).

The BIG thing for this week is that in what was supposed to be a baseline screening, we found out that my arteries (yes, both of them– lucky me) are 60% to 79% blocked.  This isn’t good, needless to say.  I have an appointment set up Thursday with a vascular surgeon so that we can determine next steps.  Brian’s going to go with me since he’s better at processing the information than I am and can translate for me.

Freaked?  Now, not so much.  At the time, yes, I was because I have a lot of fabric to sew yet!  I always figured I wouldn’t live into my 70s but I’d like to make it to 60 for crying out loud!!  I don’t think my husband understands that because he always shakes his head at me when I say that sort of thing.  My family history sucks and his is glowing– he’ll live into his 90s but, unfortunately, he’ll do it without me.  My dad died at 62 and mom at 67; now they both had cancer so that didn’t help.  I’ve quit smoking and have had a complete hysterectomy so I won’t get those diseases (probably) but that doesn’t eliminate artery problems, apparently.

My grandmother on my father’s side had a stroke when she was in her 70s.  She was incapacitated thereafter; I wouldn’t mind having a stroke in my 70s but not in my 50s for crying out loud!!