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Inevitably, the possibility of a serious issue with my arteries makes me think of death and dying.  Not like it is going to happen tomorrow but that it will happen eventually.  I’m okay with that as long as I’ve had an opportunity to sew most of the fabric and all of the embroidery designs in my collection– then I’ll be ready READY, ya know?  Until that time, not so much but then, it isn’t my choosing.

I’m also okay with not being in control of CHOOSING when/how I will die.  I know that’s up to God and I know that it won’t matter to me when I’m in Heaven with Him.  They say you don’t KNOW anyone when you get to Heaven but I’ll bet I can figure out who my parents are: My dad will be the one with the best garden and my mom will be laughing that magical laugh she had.

I picture Sally, Lucy and MOLLY– especially MOLLY– racing up to me and smothering me with kisses (so who cares if Lexi is stingey with kisses now) when I get to Heaven.

Heaven is a happy place, I’m sure. We’ll have tea every day and good coffee when we wake up from a nap.  I’ll help sew the fabric that makes up the next baby that will be born so I’ll be able to continue sewing, too.  No machine embroidery though– the needles hurt too much.

I know– strange, huh?  Oh, well, it is “All About Me” here and I get to tell you what I’m thinking.  Mostly, I’m thinking that it isn’t going to happen soon– I’ll have time to sew up the rest of my fabric (what will Brian do with it if I don’t?) and run out the rest of my designs and all will be right with my world.