Interestingly, since notifying my siblings of the test findings the other day, I’ve only heard from one of them.  Now it is possible that they are wrapped up in their current events (one is with friends from Brasil– how can they afford that much travel?) and the other is on her way to Alabama with her husband in an RV.  The third sister, I don’t have a clue what she’s doing but it is my birthday tomorrow so that could be why I haven’t heard from them– maybe they’re waiting until my birthday to call.

That’s fine.  Whatever.  I didn’t think of it until last night which is more than 24 hours since I sent them an email about it.  I’m a little disappointed in their lack of response, however.

When my middle sister was in the throes of near death last year, we were all over them with prayers and emails and phone calls.  Now, grant you, I’m not near death (thank the Lord Almighty for that) but still, an email that says “Keep us posted” wouldn’t be too much to ask, would it?

I’ll give them until Sunday and then I’ll get truly pissed off about it.

Several years ago, we all agreed we weren’t being very good family to each other and it seems that we’re slipping back into that– which is fine but why?  Because we spent a week together last year and that was too long?  Because I don’t see why I need to kiss the feet of one of the older ones?  (Well, I guess I’ve let my feelings about that slip out, eh?)  Maybe we should go back to not being involved with each other– certainly would be less hurt feelings that way.