Hello, My Name is Marcia and I am an Addict

Yes, I admit: I am addicted to fabric and quilting and all things therein related.  I love to touch fabric, feel its softness or lack of it, to feel the grain or just enjoy the texture on my fingertips.  I cannot buy as much fabric as I would like because My Husband says that we can’t afford it.

I’m getting better at NOT buying fabric but it is tough.  I’m signed up to several authors (Nancy Zeiman, Eleanor Burns, etc.) because they have good ideas that I’m SURE I’ll be able to sew out some day but they also have websites on which they sell . . . FABRIC.

ARGH!!  So I go and I look and I look but I just have too much fabric to sew in the basement (where my sewing area is) already that I just don’t have time to look at all of the fabrics that they have!!  So I don’t buy online . . . very much.

The biggest problem is working at The Local Quilt Shop.  Ahh, that’s the tough one– I see things come in and I want to touch them and OWN them but I resist (mostly) and don’t buy the fabric even though it is SCREAMING my name (MARCIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!) as I direct a customer who can buy it to the rack that has the loudest scream.

Some day we WILL win the lottery!