Opinion vs. Judgment

Interesting header, eh?  Well, here’s the thing: As a Christian, it is a “sin” to pass judgment on people– “Oh, he’s so fat” or “Did you see how much food she ate?”  But are those judgments or opinions?

I think the first one is definitely a judgment but it could be that the second one is more of an opinion– perhaps it is the person’s job to see how much food they can eat.  Yeah, I know– I’m wrong on that, aren’t I?

The thing is (and if you saw me, you’d know I have no ROOM (Literally!) to talk) that there is a difference between someone who continues to shovel food into their mouths (such as I am trying to re-train myself NOT to do right now) and the one who eats to sustain life.  I’m working on that– it is extremely difficult and much easier to go the slovenly route.

I’m still fairly young and I have a LOT of fabric to sew into quilts (see yesterday’s post) so I’m trying to get healthier instead of going into the slovenly side of life.  In the past two days, I’ve done well; I’ve got a long way to go however.

I’ll keep you posted.