Catching YOU Up

Yes, I know– I’ve been remiss again.  I have a good excuse this time: I handle so much fabric that my fingertips dry out and crack and split and hurt to type.  Yes, that sounds feeble but it is quite painful actually.

I’m using a different kind of fabric this week: Silk.  I have 40-year brocade silk from a customer who wants these two dresses made into a jacket.  Her husband brought her the fabric from Hong Kong in the 70s when he was in the army and she is sentimental about it. I can handle that!  So I’m making a jacket out of the two dresses and some additional fabric (also silk).  I have to keep my hands (especially the fingertips) softened but so far, it is working and will be beautiful when finished.

In other news, I may have to dissolve my business as I’m supposed to be collecting sales tax when I hand someone a quilt.  I think that’s wrong in the case of a t-shirt quilt where they provide half of the materials for making the quilt and are really only paying for a service, i.e., putting the t-shirts into a quilt.  What is a “Service” and what are “Tangible Goods”?

I’m also working on a quilt for my niece’s son but I don’t like how it started out so I’m pretty sure that I’m going to make a different quilt which will make her happier, I think.  The quilt that I was working on was blue but her son’s room is red and gray.  I do have orange and gray fabric but really wanted to use the blue.  The blue is not working out (the quilt isn’t big enough for a twin bed) so I’m going to switch to the orange and gray, removing the orange and substituting red.  You see?  She’ll be happy!

Yesterday was the first anniversary (Yes, in my family, we celebrate some really odd things) of when my sister went into the hospital and was put in a medically induced coma to reduce her fever, eventual meningitis and other infections.  Now maybe we can all move on with our lives?  Let’s hope so!