Next Step?

I’m entering one of my “I Don’t Like People” phases.  I used to call them “Greta Garbo Weekends” but I’m married (and happily so, thanks) so I don’t want to be alone I just don’t want a bunch of people around me.  Maybe its also a little bit of a hibernation cuz I don’t really want to go out anywhere either but there are obligations so I will go out and meet them.

I probably sound like I’m depressed but I’m not, I swear it.  I just don’t want to be around people and go places– I’d rather be alone and in the basement sewing or the library quilting.  I listen to the local radio stations as I do either of those activities.  There’s a Christian Contemporary music station that I like and I also listen to the Classical radio station in DC.  Rarely, I will listen to KFOG but I’d rather listen to classic rock, if I’m going that route.

‘Nuf about me–