Hip Replacement Surgery

I am getting my hip replaced.  The doctor told me in 2011 that I’d only make it 2 years and then I’d be in a wheelchair when I came to beg for the surgery.  Well, I am still seeing  that surgeon (he’s too good at this not to!) but its been three years and I’m not in a wheelchair.

I’m looking forward to it though because that will mean that the only pain I have for awhile is the pain from the surgery and then I’ll be pain free after that pain goes away.

You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to that!

Of course, then, in January or February, I’m going to get on my knee surgeon’s (different doctor but in the same practice) surgery list for my right knee and THEN, I’ll be done for five or more years.  My right hip is in pretty good shape and hopefully I’ll get a respite from surgeries for joints for awhile.

Yes, I’ll be stopping when I’m only three-quarters bionic but I don’t care!!  I’ll be almost pain free and that’s what counts!