As an Artist . . .

. . . or am I?

I find myself reading other blogs by quilters who piece quilts but also create art quilts and I wonder if that is me.  I read and see different things in my field of interest and wonder “Who am I?  Is that me?”.

I can’t quite figure it out, I guess.  Maybe that’s best because I can enjoy both worlds that way: Quilter and Artist.

I don’t make much money at this quilting thing I do but I enjoy it and it covers what I spend so I’m not digging into savings to do it.

I guess I need to figure it out.

Today: I’m going to play “Teacher”.  Its fun and I enjoy it but I don’t know if I enjoy it enough.  I have three and a half months to decide what to do since I can’t do any of any of this stuff until I get past my hip surgery.

Everyone needs a rest now and then.