So I went home . . .

. . . or as close to it as I can get these days.  It seems that the farm that I grew up on is no longer a farm (and thus, no longer my home) because it is a 30-house subdivision.  Yeesh!!  The school that I attended as a child through the ninth grade is a grocery store/ shopping center/ gas station.  Saying that “I got a fill-up there” has new meaning, eh?

I guess what they say is true: You can’t go home again.

If you do, you’ll just be shocked, disappointed and overwhelmed with the amount of change.  Of course, then there’s the thing that doesn’t change.  I’ve Googled several “prominent” people from my grade school and junior high days and they have NO presence on the internet– NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH, NIL.  How is that possible?

Granted, most people don’t move more than 20 miles from the homes that they were raised in but they couldn’t post a travelogue of their lives?  Oh, wait– you have to go somewhere other than the Burger King that’s five miles from your home in order to do that!

Yowza!  How do you live that kind of sheltered life?  Do you pretend that EVERYTHING that you see on the television is “Hollywood”?