Overall Trip Report

I left here on April 30 in the rain at 6am; it stopped raining outside of Toledo at 3pm– Yes, 9 hours of rain to drive through . . . it was a lovely time.  Then 4 hours later, I arrived at my sister’s house and spent the night.  We went to the quilt retreat (see review of the hotel below) and had fun at the quilt-part of it.

I left the quilt retreat on Sunday as planned at went to my brother’s house to spend some time with he and his wife and their lovely dog, Zorba.  I love Zorba– he’s the best 4-legged canine nephew I have!  (See Larry, my sister’s cat– Zorba’s the best CANINE– you’re still the best FELINE!)

We drove to Beaulah and Frankfort, Michigan on Monday and saw the gallery of Ann Loveless who won first place in ArtPrize in 2013.  Wonderful work and I enjoyed talking with her husband.

Tuesday morning found me on the road again, driving through Allendale, where we grew up, and back to my sister’s house.  I have to tell you: The house where I grew up is no more– the barn is gone and EVERYTHING is changed, including the new 30-house subdivision on the land!!  ARGH!!  Nothing looks the same!!

I did stop and spend time with the family that bought my mother’s (and father’s) house after my father died.  They were lovely and gave me a brief tour of the house and the yard.  Then, I drove through Allendale which is weird– I got gas at the school I attended.  Okay, the school’s gone but I still got gas at the site of where it was located.

I drove the rest of the way to my sister’s and met one of my adorable 2-legged great nephews, Tyson.  He is ADORABLE (did I mention that?)  I spent 9 hours with him on Tuesday and then we all went over to his house and had dinner with his parents.  Matt, Tyson’s father, and Sarah, Tyson’s mother, were wonderful as usual– they are wonderful–I love them so much!

Wednesday we spent the day with Faye and her kids; I believe, Kurt, her husband, was sleeping as he works nights these days.  Anyway, I had so much fun with Kaden and Amelia and got to know Maggie Clare– I love them so much, too!!!

Thursday I spent with Karen and Ron (mostly Karen) sewing and chatting and then I packed up the car and tried to sleep.  I succeeded fairly well and drove home on Friday.