My Review of the Hotel at Mackinaw City

When we arrived on Thursday, May 1, there was general mayhem and chaos behind the desk.  We were told that there was sewing places for the retreat on all three floors of the hotel.  In fact, there were only sewing places for quilters on 2 floors and, after we spent 2 hours sewing, we had to move to one of those locations.

Thursday night, I took a shower– NO HOT WATER.  I notified them on Friday morning and was told it was fixed.  On Friday night, I took a shower– NO HOT WATER.  They sent a maintenance man and he told me that there was air in the pipes and that it should be fixed.

Saturday night, I _*finally*_ had a hot shower– of course, it doesn’t matter much when you’re leaving the next day.

When I asked the manager about a possible credit– not a full refund– for not having hot water, he told me that his maintenance people said “you were just making it up”.

I have stayed in hotels AROUND THE WORLD– Why would I make up no hot water in Mackinaw City, Michigan??  Cripes!!  No one wants to be there THAT badly!!

I was told to contact Mackinaw City Chamber of Tourism, the owners of the hotel, and apparently, they don’t care that we got ripped off with no hot water for two nights– apparently, that’s standard fare and I just got the bonus of being insulted on top of it.

Thanks so much!  (NOT!!)
Marcia Bilbrey

PS:  Yes, I blog and will re-post this review there as well as cutting down MCCT as much as possible on Facebook.