So yesterday . . .

. . . I sewed, all day except for walking Lexi.  Yes, I’m still working on the Dresden quilt and yes, I think I have enough “petals” but, I’m concerned that I don’t so last night, I cut out about 30 more.

Because of the “Water Heater Incident”, I can’t find the rest of my fabric that I used to cut out the design but I found these in my scraps in the dining room where I’m currently sewing.  If I have to make more, I’ll have to TEAR apart my fabric room (where everything is stacked) to find the rest of the fabric.  I started last night when I decided that I might need more and went looking for the fabric.  I was, however, unsuccessful.

Other than that, it is coming along nicely and I’m enjoying watching/listening to “Downton Abbey” as I sew.  I’m in Season 3 so I don’t have long to go now.  I think I’ll follow it up with “Firefly”.  I haven’t watched that in a while.