Much the same . . .

My life has very little variety.  Sorry, if you were looking for excitement here, you would be hard-pressed to find it.

Let’s see . . . I’m piecing blocks together from a swap that I participated in and have been having a hard time getting them to work because the other swappers couldn’t figure out what a 1/4″ seam is and still others had the problem of not understanding what a 4-1/2″ finished block meant.  <sigh>  It has been a trying time.

I’ve also been alternating between long-arming a quilt by free motion.  I’ve not done that a lot since I’ve had my Fusion but I decided that I would work on it more because I’ve got some quilts that I want to “paint” with thread over the next few months.  As practice, I’m working on my “charity quilt” in free motion and having a bit of a struggle because I don’t know how the machine is supposed to be set up.  I’m getting there but it is a slow process.  (I also find that I get bored easily with it– definitely have to work on that part!)