Yeah, well . . .

I wanna SEW but I NEED to quilt!  <SIGH>  Yesterday, I waited for a shipment from FedEx and got involved in a quilt that I’ve had the bits for several months, ready to sew into squares but I hadn’t done that yet.  I started sewing them yesterday.  They are squares from a swap that I participated in through my quilt guild.

I will never do this again.

While I’m always cautious about piecing my quilts, the people with whom I swapped with were not so diligent.  Yikes!!  Some of them have pieces in the pieced bits that aren’t the right size and, it shows, people!!  I think I’m going to take some of them apart and put them back together differently so that I can get the pieces to work and remove the ones that are too small.

Yeesh!  The POOR quality of some people’s work should tell them NOT to participate in these things but, apparently, they think they’re up to it.  NOT!!!