So? Where to start?

The surgery went well and my recovery is also going well.  Following my physical therapy “orders”, it took about 2-1/2 weeks to get off the walker (thank GOD– REALLY!!).  I use it for pushing my food around but that’s about it.

I’m using the cane but I’ve never used it in my left hand before and it feels weird.  I’m also finding myself (already) walking away from it so I don’t think it will be long before that falls by the wayside, either.

Brian has been wonderful in taking care of me.  Yes, he has done the lion’s share of EVERYTHING around the house and I try to remember to thank him every night.  If I ever forget, like last night, I double-up the next day.  I am blessed to be able to have a husband who knows how to take care of the house, his job, and me without anything suffering for it.

Thank you again, sweetie– you are taking such good care of me!

As the week goes along, I should be able to take over more of the normal things I do during the course of a day including walking Lexi in the afternoons.  It’ll get me out of the house and into some fresh air and, I can control where Lexi walks so it shouldn’t be an issue.


Whilst I would like to say that this isn’t about my family, it is about my family.  How did we end up so screwed up?

I am the youngest of five siblings– very independent siblings– and as a result, we do claim to not need each other from time to time.

My feelings for my siblings range from warm and fuzzy to “Really?  That’s what you’re going to go with, huh?”.  Its the last one that really bothers me.  I’m the one who tried to bring us together a few years ago and not only has that not continued but, if anything, our relationships are worse than before we started getting together.  I think I know why that is but let me run a few of the “symptoms” by you:

1.  That “Independence” Thing:  We don’t NEED each other– we have no relationships of friendship and as a result, we really don’t call or write to each other on a regular basis.  I’ve tried to initiate this with several of my siblings but, I eventually find that I’m the only one who is putting any effort into it.

2.  Our Spouses:  SOME of the spouses are controlling and some of us know how to handle the controlling portion of it while others of us are crap at controlling our spouses trying to control us.  If I had a nickel for every time I thought: “Yep, Daddy, you were right!”, I would have an uncontrollable source of funds for fabric buying.

3.  Entitlement:  SOME of us feel that we are entitled to having things and people give in to what we want.  The ones who are on the receiving end of the entitlement projections not only don’t agree but vehemently DENY the entitlement causing friction and, yes, HARD FEELINGS.


I really wish I had been born into a different family sometimes– yesterday was one of those times but then I was concerned that if I were, I wouldn’t have ended up with Brian and with Brian is where I always, always, ALWAYS want to end up.