Yes, here I am!!

Well, sorta, anyway.

When I have two PT sessions in a row, I am absolutely EXHAUSTED on the second night.  I went to bed at 8:30 last night so I did not have a good time.  I did, however, have some fun during the day (beside hand-sewing the binding on a quilt during the day): I sewed for about an hour which is the first time since the day before my surgery.  I’m not terribly productive since I can’t really try things on right now (there’s no one here during the day to help me measure skirt lengths, etc.) but I’m not doing bad.


So to continue the saga of my family, the other day I sent an email to one of my sisters giving her a “recipe” to follow and asking if she would enjoy doing that.  I got a blast back from her that said (essentially) she wasn’t going to make it because she wasn’t able to at this point and didn’t I know that?!?!?

Well, it is sorta hard to know stuff if YOU DON’T COMMUNICATE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really?  I’m always the one to make phone calls or send emails– not anymore.  I will not be calling anyone and, short of my birthday coming up in a few weeks, I seriously doubt that I’ll hear anything from them for quite some time.  I’m going to track it so we’ll be able to confirm it on email.

In the case of this particular sister, she sent an email to the 4 of us explaining something about her daughter on January 21 but, as I said, that was to the whole group.  On an individual basis, I’m pretty sure that I’d have to go back a lot farther to find an email sent from her to me.  VERY far back.  Got it: November 24, 2014.

So, if you thought I was exaggerating, we’ve cleared that up now, eh?


Of course, I’m nearly 4 weeks post-op but I am quite jealous of a friend of ours that had her surgery ten days after me for the same procedure.  She gets PT at home and, while as far as I knew, if someone is over 65 you can get some of your PT at home, she is only a couple of months older than me and therefore, I know she doesn’t qualify for Medicare.  I am so jealous that she doesn’t have to leave the house to do PT!!  Maybe eventually she’ll need to but so far, she does not and I’m GREEN with envy!  Good luck, Barbara!