Continuing a-Foot?

Or should that be “a-Knee”??  Periodic, intermittent and sharp are the words I would use to describe the HEALING PAINS of a major surgery.  Most nights I find it near to impossible to stay asleep for the whole night and sometimes even getting to sleep can be a challenge.

Poor Brian, the wonderful hubby to whom I am privileged to be married, puts up with a lot of blanket flying and velcro ripping some nights.  Other nights, I just get up and leave because I don’t want to keep him awake.  It is difficult to sleep in certain positions and the muscles around the knee were either cut or torn during surgery so moving my leg is most painful.  Sometimes its just easier to sleep in my recliner in the living room.

I’m wearing my FitBit again even if it isn’t doing much good– I’ve consistently tracked my food during these past four weeks but I haven’t been walking much because of obvious reasons.  I’m now getting upwards of 3,000 steps in which is really reassuring.

Yes, we are at the 4-week mark as of tomorrow.  I think I’m doing well but I would really prefer to be at the 8 week mark with 99% of the pain behind me.  I’m not good at dealing with that part of this thing.