Knee Update

So I’m driving and spent much of Thursday and Friday hitting some thrift shops finding new and wonderful Finds for my soon-to-be-redesigned sewing space.  I’m excited at what I’m finding but I’m not going to buy anymore until I have a better idea of the finished wall space that I’m going to have available.

Anyway, so I went driving all over the place on Thursday and Friday but, alas, on Saturday the weather started coming in and then blowing itself about to the point that, ON MY BIRTHDAY (Sunday), I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything!!  Brian and I have been searching for nigh onto 13 years for a GOOD Chinese restaurant in the area but haven’t found one yet.  I thought I found us a new one for my birthday dinner but, as we found out on Monday night, it was take-out only and not exactly hygienic looking.  It had gotten good online reviews but those places also lead me to believe that they had dine-in space.  Not so.

We had put off my birthday dinner to Monday night but we ended up back at our faithful stand-by of Mi Hacienda for dinner.  Sigh.

I really REALLY REALLY need GOOD Chinese!  Gonna have to wait until we get to California in May!  Bummer!

Still haven’t said much about my knee, huh?  Okay, so PT continues a-knee and things are going well.  I’m still struggling up the stairs upstairs because the rail is on the right which, because of leverage issues, is more difficult than the rail on the left which covers me from the basement to the first floor.  I’m doing one-legged squats on the Total Gym and wall slides are going better, too.  I’ve still got 5 more sessions and of course, I’ll continue on with some form of exercise and/or PT every day for the rest of my life.  I don’t mind– except in the winter with the cold wind and SNOW!!

There, that’s my knee update.