So done!

I’m so sick and SICK and SICK of WINTER!!!  Its been cold and colder all week and then there’s the snow!  Yuck!!  I barely walk Lexi on the morning and afternoon walks and then Brian gives her (and himself) quite a work-out when he walks her after dinner.  I feel badly (for her and for me) but I just can’t stand the snow and cold!!

So my office is in a horrible state right now as I’m reorganizing stuff.  New containers for the shelves and other bits to help me organize, overall.  In the meantime, the process has a mess all over my desk areas.  I can’t find my computer glasses!!

This week has appointments, appointments and more appointments but, at least I’ll be done with the official PT.  Of course, having three replaced joints, I’m never going to be completely done with PT– I’ll have to do some form of “real” exercise every day and of course, the bicycling and walks.  I’m working my way up to my regular regimen on the recumbent bicycle– I actually am excited about starting it for real!