So much for “Posting”!

Yes, well, it has been a busy couple of weeks.  Progress on recovery is moving forward in leaps and bounds!  Stairs (left-hand rail is easiest but the right is working better now, too) are my only struggle and I’ve started walking MILES with Lexi at lunch.  She’s not sure about it (she still wonders why we’re not all fat-n-happy, sitting on the sofa, watching TV!) but we are having fun.  She gets to smell things and that is the best part of her day!

Other than that, we are (Okay, _*I*_ am) happily anticipating getting my sewing area and fabric area back over the weekend!  Brian, poor thing, has been working on it steadily for the last month having been previously occupied with helping me to recover.  He’s just about done and I will start painting things (wall art stuffs) soon!  What doesn’t get painted gets moved back in, folded and re-folded and whatever else needs to be done to get it all sorted through and ready for use.  I am soooooo looking forward to it!

I’m hoping to be down there for hours and hours by Saturday– I can’t wait!!!