Oh, the things you discover!

I have now spent what seems like an eternity putting my sewing area and fabric room back together but really, its only been five or six days.  First I had to reorganize the space in the new cabinets– I’ve got storage for so much more!  Instead of having things loading up the tops of the previous three cabinets, I’ve got two more cabinets so that I can put the stuff inside.  I am loathe to put anything, even decorative things, on top of the cabinets but in some cases, I don’t have a choice.

Since Monday, I’ve been folding and re-folding my fabric.  Periodically, you need to do this (a) to prevent fading and wears-thru the fabric and (b) so I can remember what I’ve got!  Today, I said (out loud TO MY HUSBAND): I’ve got a lot of fabric.  BIG mistake– I’m going to regret saying that, I can tell!

I really do have more fabric and some of it, I’m adding to the yard sale that I’m having (along with a friend of mine) in about a month.  I can’t wait to get rid of some of this stuff!

So I’ve got about another day of quilt fabric and then, two days of clothing fabric and then I’ll be through it all!!  YAYYY!!!  By then, it will be warm enough that I can work outside on the painting and sanding of all things “shabby-chic decor” that will be gracing my walls.