So Much!!

There are many things going on related to my newly revised sewing area.  First, I have completely re-folded all fabric (which must be done periodically to keep wears in the fabric from occurring due to the folds) and have neatened up and vacuumed the fabric room.  It is done!

The craft supply cart has been sorted and re-sorted and all is done and cleared up in that room.

The sewing room portion is the final phase and I’m working on finishing that up by tomorrow, mid-day.  I’ll be so glad to be able to SIT and SEW!!!  I miss my room but didn’t realize how much until I started putting stuff away.  It has been too long (9 months!) since I’ve been in the room and am so looking forward to it again– I may go into hibernation for awhile!

One of the big things that still has to occur is the painting of decor items for the walls– yes, I’m going to decorate this time!!  YAYYY!!!!  Instead of having a few things up on the walls haphazardly, I’m going to be decorating with real “art” and/or shabby-chic items so it will be nice and pretty and pleasant to work in– I can hardly wait!! (Yes, I’ve said that a few times!!)