Is there an end in site?

I’m sure there is but I think it has taken leave of my sewing area/office/house.  It seems that every time I think I’m about to END the transition, something new comes up– I don’t know that I’ll ever be settled unless I finish some of these chores sooooo . . . yesterday, I finally made A LIST of what NEEDS to be done.  I knocked 3 things off said list even though I worked my butt off all day with that, laundry, and other stuff.  I took about an hour last night and sewed when I finished the day’s chores but I really need to get this stuff done.

I’ve got the books to get back downstairs and into properly supported bookcases.  I had to finish the painting of my knick-knacks and other wall decor.  (That didn’t make it on the list because it was Brian’s idea for me to finish, not mine.)  I’ve got stuff to hang up and yarn to sort through and it all seems like a bazillion things to take my attention away from BEING DONE.


Maybe next weekend?